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Sadia KhanSadia Khan, started her career in 2007, from Islamabad with Moody Max. Sadia Khan, Standing 5.7 feet high, with excellent physiques for modeling, black eyes (dark brown in light) spiky black hair and whitish skin tone, and a shoe size of 39.

She already has many heads of major TV serials, TVCs, Brand shoots and much more. Do not be surprised as she with the guidance and encouragement, shines over many others in acting and modeling. She has participated in every school play up to grade 10.

Not only Sadia participate as an actor, but as a model, done many major brand shoots and ramps. Sadia by nature, is dedicated to her work. She meets deadlines, follows guidelines and knows how to communicate with people, in a humble, connecting manner. Inclusive and supportive, critical and impartial are some of her traits.

Sadia thrives in a group. She in a short time, with her creativity, enthusiasm, the will to help out and most important learning from others, connects well. Thus becoming an essential part of a group not only as a friend, but also for getting the work done. She is also willing to travel for work to abroad.

Going out parting or staying behind and reading a book, anything goes.



Anonymous said...

she is an outstanding actresses i like him

Unknown said...

can i know ur birth date Sadia????

Unknown said...

she is awesome in every scene in khuda or muhabbat

Anonymous said...

sadia you are so beautiful.

safiuallah said...

Safi said...
Sadia, I just watched the last episode of Khuda and Muhabbat and i must say, that you are one of the best actresses ive ever seen in my entire life.

Your beautiful, your charming, you are awesome. I wish that you continue to work and entertain us. I really like you and wish you all the best for future :)


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Sadia Khan is Pakistani Actress who currently stars in Khuda Aur Mohabbat as Imaan